Document States

Each document in the system has an associated "state," which identifies the status of the document.

There are three document states:

  • Attached- The document is associated with a data record. For more information, see Attaching Documents to Data Records.

  • Stand Alone - The document is not associated with a data record. There are two ways to add stand alone documents to the system:

  • Using the DM Stand Alone Documents form. For more information, see Adding Stand Alone Documents.

  • A stand alone document is also created when you delete the associated data record and the Retain attachments after record delete box in DM Attachment Options is checked. In this case, deleting the data record creates an orphaned attachment, which is a stand alone document.

  • Deleted - This is a document that was deleted, but the Archive Deleted Attachments box in DM Attachment Options was checked. You can find and view deleted documents using DM Attachment Index Search . For more information on searching for documents, see Searching for Documents.