About the RP Reports by Form Form

This form is used to associate a report with a form so that the report can be launched using the form.

RP Reports by Form can be accessed from the Main Menu or by double-clicking a record on the Assigned Forms tab in RP Report Titles.

Although the majority of standard reports can be accessed from the Reports menu of the associated module, you can use this program to provide additional access to specific reports from within a related form. This form applies only to reports with an application type of Crystal or SQL Reporting Services (Application drop-down field in RP Report Titles).

Adding the report to a form does not guarantee you will have access to that report via that form. You must have security permissions to the form (set in VA Form Security) in order to access the Options menu of the form. You must also be assigned security permissions to the report in VA Report Security.

Associating a Report with a Form

Overriding Report Parameter Defaults