About the Batch Selection Form

Posting programs in the system use batches to record data. You can use the Batch Selection form to either create a new batch or find an existing batch to use.

Batch entry forms are those forms that require you to create or open a batch in order to add, change, or delete records, and then process the batch in order to update the appropriate database tables. Records in batches are only recognized after the batch is posted.

About the In Use By column

The In Use By column indicates whether a batch is currently in use and by whom. To help you prevent inadvertent errors, if the batch is in use by another user, no other user can access the batch.

Occasionally, the ‘in use’ indicator remains even when a user is not actually using the batch. This is usually due to a system error/interruption.

  • If you see your username in the In Use By column, unlock the batch by selecting the batch in the grid, right-clicking your mouse, and selecting Unlock Batch.

    Note: The unlock action from within the batch selection form only works when your username appears in the In Use By field, regardless of who created the batch.
  • If you need access to a batch displaying another username in the In Use By column, and if you have access to the HQ Batch Control form, clear the In Use By field in that form.

About the Restricted column

Only the user who created a restricted batch can open it. If you need to remove a batch’s restriction (for example, the originating user is unavailable and you need to post the batch), you can do so using the HQ Batch Control form (if security allows you access).

Note: Once the restriction is removed, the batch can be opened by any user with access to the batch selection form.
Note: Regardless of who applies a restriction to a batch, the user who created it is the only one who can open it.