Import Features

Vista 2022 R1 delivers on user-requested Import enhancements, fixes, and other improvements

IM Template Descriptions Updated

The description field for the following Standard Import templates were updated to remove the word Master:

Template Description
APVendor AP Vendor Master Import is now AP Vendors Import.
ARCustomer AR Customer Master Import is now AR Customers Import.
HRResMast HR Resource Master is now HR Resources.
JCCM JC Contract Master Import is now JC Contracts Import.
JCJobs JC Job Master Import is now JC Jobs Import.
JCPhases JC Phase Master Maintenance is now JC Phase Maintenance.
PM FIRM PM Firm Master is now PM Firms.
Note: Although the descriptions of the forms listed above have changed, the underlying form name found in the F3 Field Properties or Form Security has not changed.

To see a list of defects fixed in this version, go to the Track Cases/Issues page of the Viewpoint Customer Portal. Use the filter options to select your product and module. In the Fixed in Version field, select this version, then select Apply Filters.