Viewpoint Administration Features

Vista 2022 R1 delivers on user-requested Viewpoint Administration enhancements, fixes, and other improvements.

Flexible access to Vista licenses

On-demand usage grants immediate access to additional Vista licenses at the moment they're needed. Depending on your license model, this immediate access could be at the moment an admin is creating a new user record or only when an end user logs in.

To learn more, see these online Help pages:

This flexibility is turned on by default for most cloud-deployed enterprises, while for most enterprises deployed on-premises, it is turned off by default. Instructions for changing your company's current setting can be found in Set On-demand Usage.

Attachment Lister Now Saves User Settings

The Attachment Lister now retains your column order, width, and panel sizing choices you had in place when you last used it.

Renamed Vista Form

VA File Extension White List has been renamed to VA File Extension Allow List.
Note: Although the title of the form has changed, the underlying form name found in the F3 Field Properties or Form Security has not changed.

For a list of defects fixed in this version, click here to go to the Track Cases/Issues page of the Viewpoint Customer Portal. Use the filter options to select your product and module. Then in the Fixed In Version field, select this version.