Subcontract Ledger Features

Vista 2022 R1 delivers on user-requested enhancements, fixes, and other improvements for the Subcontract Ledger module.

Filter Subcontract Claims by JC Co/Job

You can now filter subcontract claims by JC company and Job, making it easier to manage high volumes of subcontracts when entering claims.

Two filter options were added to the SL Subcontract Claims form: JCCo and Job. Entering values in these fields allow you to filter the subcontract claims displayed to only those applicable to the specified company and job.

When you open the form, the system automatically defaults the active JCCo and Job based on settings defined via the Main Menu. The JCCo field defaults the company specified in the Company field on the Main Menu, while the Job field defaults from the Active Job field in the Change Active Info form (accessed from the Main Menu by selecting View > Change Active Info). You may override the defaults as needed.

Once you enter a value in one field, you must enter a value in the other field. If you clear one or both of the fields, job filtering is disabled and a ** JOB FILTERING DISABLED ** message displays to the right of the Job field.

Note: Changing the default JCCo and Job in SL Subcontract Claims does not update the Active Job in the Change Active Info form.

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