Set up an AP Company

You must set up a minimum of one AP company in which you will maintain the control options necessary for Accounts Payable processing.

Make sure that you understand the effects of all choices for each set-up option, as they affect which Accounts Payable forms are used, how the forms work, and how other accounting modules are affected by Accounts Payable. Once defined, changes to these options are rare, as they affect processing or stored information.

For information specific to each setup option, see the F1 help.

  1. From the Vista main menu, select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP Company Parameters.
  2. In the AP Company field, enter the AP company to set up or press F4 to select from a list of valid HQ companies.
  3. Use the GL Expense Posting tab to identify the GL company, expense journal, and GL interface level for expense posting.
  4. Use the GL Payment Posting tab to specify the payments journal and GL interface level for payment posting.
  5. Use the Pay Types/Discounts/ICR tab to specify whether to use pay categories, to identify default payable types, discount GL accounts, the default retainage hold code, and independent contractor reporting defaults.
  6. Use the Subledgers tab to specify the JC, EM, IN companies to use for defaulting information on related transaction lines, the CM company used for payment posting, and the interface levels for each company.
  7. Use the Audit options tab to set company audit options, as well as PM to AP update options, PR to AP update options, and subcontract and purchase order compliance and exceeded cost options.
  8. Use the Invoice Options tab to set the various invoice control options.
  9. Use the Payment Reports tab to specify the reports used for check printing, check stubs, EFTs, and credit service remittances.
  10. Use the fields in the Payment Services tab to set up Viewpoint ePayments and Credit Service information.