AP Batch Process Form

Use the AP Batch Process form to process (post) Accounts Payable batches.

You can access this form from the main menu or by selecting File > Batch Process in the AP posting or batch processing form.

Once you specify the month and batch to process, the Info section of the screen displays information about the batch.

  • Created By - the name of user who created this batch.
  • Created - the date and time this batch was created.
  • Source - the form in which this batch was created. Source is hard-coded and cannot be changed by users.
  • Status - the current status of the batch.
    • Open - ready for validation
    • Validated - successfully validated and ready to post
    • Errors - errors must be corrected and the batch re-validated before posting
    • Updated - successfully posted

Available Audit Reports

Each batch type will have its own set of audit reports. The following audit reports are available for this module:

  • Batch List — Prints the AP Entry Audit List (invoice entry batch), AP Release Retainage Audit List (released retainage batch), or AP Payment Audit List (payment batch), showing details of each entry in the batch. Entries are displayed in batch sequence order.
  • Job Cost Distribution – Prints the AP JC Entry Distribution List, showing the invoices that will be interfaced to JC. Information shown includes the phase, cost type, unit of measure, and unit.
  • Equipment Distribution – Prints the AP EM Entry Distribution List, showing the invoices that will be interfaced to EM. Information shown includes the vendor, AP reference (invoice) number, material, equipment unit of measure, and units. May also include PO/PO Item or Work Order/Work Order Item, if applicable.
  • Inventory Distribution – Prints the AP IN Entry Distribution List, showing the invoices that will be interfaced to IN. Information includes the GL account, sales unit of measure and units, and the standard unit of measure and units for each transaction.
  • GL Account Distribution – Prints the AP GL Entry Distribution List or AP GL Payments Distribution list (depending on batch type), showing the debit and credit amounts for each transaction.
  • Error List – Lists the sequence number and the error message for any entries containing errors. You must correct the errors before you post the batch.
Note: Users who have access to batch processing forms do not automatically have access to the related audit reports. It is recommended that if they will be processing batches, you give them access to the related audit reports using the VA Report Security form. If users do not have access to each report, they will receive an error message when trying to preview/print them, but they will be able to post.
Important: If you selected the Attach Batch Report to HQ Batch Control check box in the AP Company Parameters form (Audit Options tab), restricted access to one or more audit reports will prevent the user from posting the batch.

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