Process a Batch

Many of the forms in Vista are batch forms to which you can add multiple transactions. You must process these batches in order to post these transactions and update the data to the appropriate modules and GL accounts.

If you want to save the batch audit reports and attach them to the batch record, select the Attach Batch Reports to HQ Batch Control check box in the related company setup form (for example, AP Company Parameters, AR Company Parameters, etc.).
To process a batch:
  1. From the posting or batch processing form, select File > Batch Process.
    The module's Batch Process form displays.
  2. Review the information in the Info section of the form and click Validate.
  3. In the Audit Reports section, select the check box for each audit report you wish to run.
    The list of audit reports will differ, depending on the module and the type of batch you are processing. You can see a list of the audit reports available in the form help for each module's Batch Process form.
  4. To review the selected reports, do one of the following:
    • Click Preview to preview the reports onscreen.
    • Click Print to print each report.
  5. Review the information in the Update section of the form

  6. In the Posting Date field, enter the posting date or accept the default (current date).
  7. Click Post.
The system posts the batch and displays a success message.