Purge Annual 1099 Totals (U.S.)

You can purge 1099 totals for open and closed subledgers by year.

Print the 1099 forms before you purge.
Use the Annual 1099 Totals form in the AP Purge form to remove 1099 totals for a specified year. When purged, the vendor's calendar year-to-date 1099 amount is deleted from the bAPAP database table.

To purge annual 1099 totals:

  1. Open the AP Purge form and select the Annual 1099 Totals tab.
  2. Check the Annual 1099 Totals box.
    The system enables the Through Month field.
  3. In the Through Month field, enter the month through which the system will purge 1099 information for all vendors.
  4. Click Purge.
    The system displays a confirmation dialog.
  5. Click Yes to purge data.

    The system purges 1099 data for all vendors.