Purge Monthly Vendor Totals

Use the Mthly Vendor Totals tab in the AP Purge form to remove vendor totals through a specified month/year.

Vendor totals can only be purged for closed months in your subledgers. When purging this data, the system removes the vendor's fiscal year-to-date total invoices, paid, discounts offered, and discounts taken amounts from the bAPVA database table. The data in this tables does not take up much space, so it can be kept for a number of years.

To purge monthly vendor totals data:

  1. Open the AP Purge form and select the Mthly Vendor Totals tab.
  2. Check the Monthly Vendor Totals box.
    The system enables the Through Month field.
  3. In the Through Month field, enter the month through which the system will purge monthly totals information for all vendors.
  4. Click Purge.
    The system displays a confirmation dialog.
  5. Click Yes.
The system purges data for all vendors, including temporary vendors.