Purge Paid Transactions and Temporary Vendors

You can use the Paid Trans/Temp Vendors tab on the AP Purge form to remove paid transactions through a specified month/year.

In order to remove transactions:
  • the month must be closed in the subledgers of the GL company assigned in AP Company Parameters (GL Co# field, GL Expense Posting tab)

  • all lines of a transaction must be fully paid

  • the month for the last payment made for the transaction must match the month that you specify

When purging paid transactions, if the vendor has been set to be temporary (you selected the Temporary check box in the AP Vendors form) the system checks for any remaining open or paid transactions. If nothing is found, the vendor's annual totals and static information in AP Vendors are also deleted.

The Paid Trans/Temp Vendors tab removes records and their attachments from the bAPTH, bAPTL, bAPTD, bAPUR, and bAPVM database tables. While the information in these tables can be kept indefinitely, this information takes up considerable space and you should develop a regular purge cycle.

To purge paid transactions and temporary vendors:
  1. Open the AP Purge form and select the Paid Trans/Temp Vendors tab.
  2. Check the Paid Transactions and Temporary Vendors box.
    The system enables the Through Month and Restrict by Vendor fields.
  3. In the Through Month field, enter the month through which the system will purge paid transaction and temporary vendor information.
  4. If you want to purge transactions for a specific vendor only, select the Restrict by Vendor check box. You will need to select this check box if you want to purge transactions for a vendor who has been set to be selectively purged (you selected the Selective Purge check box in the AP Vendors form).
    The system enables the Vendor field.
  5. If you are purging transactions for a specific vendor, enter the vendor in the Vendor field. Press F4 for a list of vendors.
  6. Click Purge .
    The system displays a confirmation dialog.
  7. Click Yes.
The system purges all fully paid transactions up through the specified month/year. If you have not specified a specific vendor, the system will delete transactions for all vendors that have not been set as requiring a selective purge.