About Vendor Address Overrides for AP Invoices

To any invoice, you can assign a name and address that is different than what is found in the vendor's record.

When entering invoices, whether using the AP Transaction Entry, AP Recurring Invoices, or AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form, you can use the fields on the Address Overrides tab to do a one-time override to the vendor's payment address as defined in the AP Vendors form. Each override address generates a separate check during the payment process.

This is most commonly used with a temporary vendor so that the same temporary vendor can be reused for multiple invoices.

Note: If you need to store all invoice data for each temporary vendor, set up each vendor separately instead of using the same temporary vendor.

There are two options for overriding the payment address:

The first option (available in the AP Transaction Entry and AP Unapproved Invoice Entry forms only) is to select the Override Payment Address check box and manually enter an override address and/or vendor name in the corresponding fields.

The second option is to enter an additional address sequence number in the Address Seq # field. In order to use this option, the vendor must have at least one additional address defined on the Add'l Addresses tab in the AP Vendors form. Additionally, the Address Type field for the additional address record must be set to either 1-Payment or 0-Both. For more information, see Assigning Additional Addresses to Vendors.

Note: Address sequences can also be entered for purchase orders in PO. If you enter a PO line in this form, the PO’s address sequence (and its associated address information) will default for the invoice here if no override address or address sequence is specified for the invoice.

Regardless of the manner in which an override address is defined for an invoice, the specified address prints on all checks generated from the invoice unless it is overridden in the AP Payment Workfile form.