Move Unposted Transactions to an Open-Month Batch

You can move unposted transactions into a different batch month so that you do not have to delete them in one batch and manually re-enter them in another.

If you have accidentally entered invoices into a batch with the wrong month and have not yet posted the batch, you can move the transactions into a different batch month.

If the batch in question has already been posted, refer instead to Copy Posted Transactions to an Open-Month Batch.

In addition, all transactions in the source batch must have the Action field set to A-Add.

  1. In the AP Transaction Entry form, open the batch the invoices were originally entered into (that is, the batch with the wrong month).
  2. Click Tasks > Move Unposted Transactions to Open Month.
    The AP Copy Batch Month Selection screen appears.
  3. In the Batch Month field, select the month that the batch should have been created in.
  4. Click Select.
    A confirmation message appears that indicates the month and batch number the system created. When you close it, another message appears.
  5. If you want to clear the original batch of transactions, select Yes.
    The system clears the batch and another message appears.
  6. If you would like to go to the target batch, select Yes.
The transactions that were entered into the incorrect month are now cleared and the batch in the correct month is available for editing and posting.