AP On-Cost Workfile Form

Use the AP On-Cost Workfile form to evaluate and edit invoices that are subject to on-cost.

Once you are done reviewing and editing the invoices, you can create a new invoice to be sent to the on-cost vendor (determined by the on-cost type).

When adding an invoice to the workfile, the system brings in the invoice, along with all of its lines that are subject to on-cost (you checked the Subject to On-Cost box for the line in AP Transaction Entry). To be brought into the workfile, the invoice's vendor must be subject to on-cost and the invoice must have at least one line that has an on-cost status of 0 - Awaiting Process (On-Cost Status field, detail grid of the form). The header grid of the form displays information about the invoice (vendor, AP reference, invoice date, and description), as well as if the invoice has been paid (the Open to Pay display box is checked).

The detail grid of the form displays line information and allows you to set a processing action. Invoice lines default in the grid with an on-cost processing status of 0 - Awaiting Process (On-Cost Status field). You can set the On-Cost Action drop-down to a new on-cost processing action. Once you create and process the on-cost batch, the system will update the On-Cost Status field with the option you selected in the On-Cost Action field.

Note: Only lines with status of 0 - Awaiting Process are automatically added to the workfile.

You can clear invoices or invoice lines from the workfile by selecting the record and clicking the Delete button in the toolbar. If you want to delete all invoices/lines from the workfile, you can do so using the Tasks > Clear On-Cost Workfile option in the toolbar. The system presents a message asking if you want to clear the workfile. If you click Yes, the system removes all invoices/lines, but leaves the form open so that you can add other invoices.

You can also clear the workfile by closing the form and answering Yes to the confirmation message. If you click No, the system closes the form, but leaves the workfile intact.

Note: If you do not clear the workfile, other users will be unable to access the invoices currently in the workfile.

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