About Assigning Approval Sequences for Unapproved Invoices

You can assign approval sequences to unapproved invoices to control the order in which the invoice lines are exposed to reviewers who are assigned to the same invoice line.

Sequences can be pre-assigned to reviewers in reviewer groups or you can set/adjust the sequence when adding reviewers individually to invoice lines using the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form.

If you do not need a hierarchical structure, assigning a sequence number of "1" to all reviewers will allow all reviewers to access the invoice lines at the same time. The invoice can be posted once all non-optional reviewers have approved. If an optional reviewer is the only one assigned to a sequence, their approval is considered non-optional.

Note: When assigning a reviewer group to an invoice/line, the system applies the reviewer sequence numbers that were set up at the group level. For more information on reviewer groups, refer to HQ Reviewer Group.

You can pre-assign approval sequences to reviewers so that when the reviewer defaults or is manually assigned to the invoice/line, the approval sequence is already in place. Do this is the Reviewers tab in any of the following forms:

  • HQ Reviewer Groups

  • JC Jobs

  • PM Projects

During invoice entry, you can assign multiple reviewers to a single approval sequence to enable reviews to happen simultaneously. For reviewers assigned to a group that is assigned to an invoice, you can establish how the approval sequence operates with the Allow Up Level Approval drop-down field in the HQ Reviewer Group form:

  • When you select the View and approve self only option, only reviewers from any one approval sequence can view an invoice at a time. Once all reviewers from that approval sequence approve the invoice, the reviewers in the next approval sequence can view the invoice.

  • If you select the View and approve self and lower levels option, reviewers with any approval sequence assignment can view the invoice, but reviewers with a higher approval sequence number can approve the invoice for all lower approval sequences. For example, if a reviewer associated with approval sequence 3 views and approves the invoice first, the system automatically approves sequences 1 and 2.

Note: You can add reviewers at the invoice header level after lines are created. The system automatically adds the reviewers to the line Reviewers tab, if the reviewer/sequence does not already exist.