Assign Reviewers to Unapproved Invoices

You can assign reviewers to unapproved invoices so that they can review and approve invoices before the invoices are posted.

Creating and assigning reviewers is the central required element in the AP unapproved invoice process. In order for the process to work, you must assign at least one reviewer to each line on the invoice that is being reviewed. See About Reviewers for Unapproved Invoices for more information.

Use the Reviewer tabs in AP Unapproved Invoice Entry to assign active reviewers to the header or line levels of the invoice. Assignment of reviewers at the header level is not required, but if you do, the same reviewers default on to every invoice line. Once you assign reviewers, the Date Assigned field (Reviewers tab) for the line defaults the current date. You can also delete reviewers from an unapproved invoice as necessary.

At the line level, you may assign or override reviewer groups on the info tab or individual reviewers on the Reviewers tab. Using reviewer groups allows for increased functionality; see About Reviewer Groups for Unapproved Invoices for more information.

  1. From the main menu, select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP Unapproved Invoices.
  2. Use the Month and Seq # fields to select the appropriate invoice.
  3. To assign reviewers by group at the header level, enter the reviewer group in the Reviewer Group field of the invoice header.
    All reviewers without an assigned threshold amount display on the Reviewers tab in the invoice header. In addition, those same reviewers default to the Reviewers tab at the invoice line level. For more information on setting threshold amounts, see About Thresholds for Unapproved Invoices.
    Note: The Reviewer group in the header does not default to the Reviewer Group field on the line(s).
  4. To assign reviewers by group at the line level, enter the reviewer group in the Reviewer Group field of each applicable invoice line.
    The system adds reviewers associated with this group to the line Reviewers tab, along with any existing reviewers from the header level and any reviewers assigned by any other means.
  5. To assign individual reviewers to an invoice:
    1. If the reviewer should be assigned to every invoice line (existing and future), select the Reviewers tab in the invoice header.
    2. In the Reviewer field, enter the reviewer's name.
    3. If you are using a sequence-based approval process, use the Approval Seq field to enter the approval sequence number.
      Note: The sequence number determines the order in which reviewers are able to view and approve invoice lines. For more information on sequences, see About Assigning Approval Sequences for Unapproved Invoices.
    4. If applicable, enter additional reviewers to invoices lines using the Reviewers tab for each applicable invoice line. Specify a sequence number as applicable in the Approval Seq field and then use the Optional Reviewer check box to indicate whether the the reviewer is optional.
    Note: If you enter a job, equipment, location (item), or GL account that has a default reviewer group assigned, that reviewer group defaults for the line and places the reviewers of the group on the Reviewers tab. While you cannot specify an additional group, you can either replace the default group or add the individual reviewers to the Reviewers tab. If you replace the default group, the system removes the reviewers associated with the old group and adds the reviewers associated with the new group.
  6. Save the record.
    Note: If you pre-assigned reviewers to the job, equipment department, inventory location (items), GL account, additional reviewers may default at the line level. If a reviewer is already assigned to the line for one reason, the system will not add it again. If you change the record in a way that prompts the system to remove a reviewer, the system will check whether it should remain for any other reason before removing. Note that the system always assigns a sequence number 1 to each reviewer that doesn't already have one from a group assignment. Reviewers associated with groups that default for any other reason will have an approval sequence of 1.
Once the invoice is ready for review, the reviewers assigned to the invoice can approve or reject the invoice/lines in AP Unapproved Invoice Review.
Note: You can delete or change reviewers as needed. However, you must have at least one reviewer assigned to each invoice line. If you delete all reviewers from a line, you must add at least one reviewer before you can flag the invoice as ready for review (using the Status button in the invoice header).

If you assigned a reviewer group to the invoice, but a reviewer in the group is not required to review the invoice, you can delete the reviewer from the line without affecting the group. If you delete or change a reviewer or group at the header level, the system also removes the group and/or reviewers from the invoice lines and replaces them if applicable. However, if you delete or change a reviewer on a line, the system does not update that change to the header level or any other lines.