About Thresholds for Unapproved Invoices

Thresholds provide a way to limit the number of invoices assigned to reviewers by setting a minimum invoice amount.

As long as the Gross amount is over the reviewer's threshold amount, the reviewer is added to all lines. If the Gross amount is less than the reviewer's threshold amount, the system does not add the reviewer to any invoice lines.

Note: The header has two amount figures. One is Gross, a display-only field in the header's top right, and the other is Invoice Total, an entry field located in the header's bottom right. They are not always the same amount. The amount in the Invoice Total field is the sum of the Gross amount and all other amounts also shown nearby in the top of the header display.

If you want the system to ignore the invoice Gross amount and instead assign threshold reviewers to individual lines based on the line amounts, you can select the Apply Reviewer threshold amount at line level check box in the HQ Reviewer Group form (Info tab). With this check box selected, the system adds the reviewer to the line only if the amount in the line’s Gross field is equal to or greater than the threshold amount; if the invoice line's gross amount is less than the threshold, the system does not add the reviewer.

You should be aware of the following as you work with thresholds:

  • The system is designed to control invoice assignment based on minimums (thresholds) only, and not on limits.

  • The system never adds reviewers with thresholds to the header Reviewers tab, regardless of any header or line amount or group setting.

  • Threshold rules only apply to reviewers who are members of the group that is assigned to the invoice line or header.

  • If the threshold amount for a reviewer is not satisfied, the system may assign the reviewer to the invoice anyway if you have assigned that reviewer to the vendor/job/equipment/etc.

  • Increases to existing invoices' header or line amounts that push the amount across a threshold prompt the system to update the Reviewers tab accordingly and add reviewers who meet the threshold amounts.

  • Reductions to existing invoices' header and line amounts prompt the system to remove reviewers if the new amount falls below the threshold amount assigned to the reviewer.

  • A reviewer with a threshold who needs to review a credit invoice can be assigned manually to the invoice line(s). An alternative option is to create a separate reviewer group without thresholds which can be assigned to invoices of less than $0.00.