Edit Rejected Invoices

Use AP Unapproved Invoice Entry to view the approval status for invoice lines and to make edits.

When invoice reviewers reject invoices (this action is done using the AP Unapprove Invoice Review form), you can use the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form to view both the status and the reason it was rejected. You can also make changes to the invoice that might allow it to be approved.

To view the approval status and make changes:
  1. In the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form, select an invoice line and select the Reviewers tab.
    If any of the reviewers have rejected the invoice line, the Rejected check box is selected. The Reject Reason field displays the reason the reviewer rejected the invoice.
  2. If you want to make changes and enable another review, make the necessary changes to the line.
  3. Clear the Rejected check box.
    The system disables the check box.
    Note: If the invoice reviewer rejected the invoice at the header level, you must clear the check box on each line.
The invoice is now back in the approval workflow. The reviewer(s) that could see it before can now see it again.