AP Unapproved Invoice Review Form

Use the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form to review and approve unapproved invoices that are assigned to you.

This form allows reviewers to view invoices assigned to them that were entered (typically by other users) using the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form. Invoices can be filtered by line type or by job. Additionally, reviewers can also choose to see all invoices assigned to them, regardless of status (Approved or Rejected).

The form is made up of two sections: the header, and the detail lines. Use the top grid of this form to approve or reject invoices at the header level. When setting an invoice status at the header level, the system automatically assigns the same status to all invoice lines currently displayed in the line level of the form. Use the detail section to set the approval status for individual invoice lines.

The header section displays all invoices associated with the reviewer that meet the filtering criteria.

The Invoice Status tab displays the status of all lines on the invoice, regardless of assigned reviewer. If multiple reviewers are assigned to the invoice, a separate line displays for each reviewer. For quick identification, approved lines display in blue text and rejected lines display in red. Black lines do not have an associated status.

The detail line section represents the detail for the invoice. You can have multiple lines on an invoice, each one needing review and approval. The lines display information related to the line based on the line type. Only invoice lines associated with the reviewer will display.

Viewing & Adding Attachments

You can use the Attachment Lister to display attachments associated with the PO referenced on PO lines, along with any other attachments associated with the invoice and invoice lines. This includes attachments added to invoices and/or invoice lines in the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form, as well as those that you add directly in this form.

To open the attachment lister, click the drop-down arrow next to the Attachments button on the tool bar and select Attachment Lister. To view attachments for the invoice header, click on the desired invoice in the upper grid. To view attachments for an invoice line, click on the invoice line in the lower grid. Double-clicking on any attachment opens it with its related app.

If you want to add attachments, select the desired invoice or invoice line, click the Attachments button to open the Attachments form, and click Add. Then use the Attachments Detail form to add your attachment(s).

Review Invoice on the Web

If you have Financial Controls and have set up Vista Web integration (that is, you have designated the appropriate Vista Web URL in VA Site Settings), the Review Invoices on the Web link (above the Attachments button) provides quick access to AP Invoice Review in Financial Controls. For more information about AP Invoice Review, see AP Invoice Review.

If you do not have access to Financial Controls, clicking this link takes you to the Trimble Viewpoint website for information about AP Invoice Review.