About the Inbox

With the Inbox in Automatic Invoicing, you can have invoice-related attachments forwarded directly from your shared AP mailbox to Automatic Invoicing where you can quickly add them to a batch to be processed.

The Accounts Payable Admin can add one or more email accounts to your Inbox, and then use them as forwarding email addresses to receive invoices from your vendors. When setting up an Inbox account, you can decide whether to receive only emails that have attachments, or to also receive emails that do not have attachments.

Once your Inbox is set up to receive emails, you can select the Inbox tab to access those emails.

Note that every email account you add is shown as a tab in the Inbox. You can select a tab to see only the emails for that account, or select All to see emails from all accounts.

Attachments are shown in the Email Contents column. From that column, you can select an attachment to view it.

The panel on the right-hand side displays all batches in the Upload state. Once emails with an attached invoice arrive in your Inbox, you can select one or more, and then add them to either an existing batch (with the Add to batch option in the right-hand panel), or to a new batch (with the Add Batch option above the right-hand panel).