Set up the Inbox

Set up the Inbox in Automatic Invoicing to include one or more forwarding email accounts.

Note: This procedure requires the Accounts Payable Admin role. For details about Accounts Payable roles, see the Accounts Payable section in User Roles and Data Access.
  1. Add an account to be used as a forwarding email address.
  2. In the email account you use to receive invoices, go to your email settings and follow the instructions to add a forwarding email address. Then enter the email address created in Step 1 as the forwarding email address.
  3. Repeat steps one and two to add additional accounts to your Inbox.
The added accounts will appear as tabs in your Inbox
Once you have set up your inbox, and start receiving emails with invoice attachments, you can upload those invoices directly from the Inbox into existing batches or a new batch. For instructions, see Upload an Invoice from the Inbox.