Upload an Invoice from the Inbox

Once an email with an attached invoice arrives in your Inbox in Automatic Invoicing, you can add the attached invoice to either an existing batch in the Upload state or to a new batch.

  1. Select one or more emails with attached invoices that you wish to upload.
    Tip: From the Email Contents column, you can select an attachment to view it.
  2. To add the invoice(s) to an existing batch in the Upload state, find the batch in the right-hand panel, and then select Add to batch for the existing batch.
    A message indicates that the invoice is added to the batch. To continue working on that batch, see Upload Invoices.
  3. To add the invoice(s) to a new batch, select Add Batch above the right-hand panel.
    The Upload page appears. Follow the instruction in Upload Invoices to continue.