Process Invoices

Once Automatic Invoicing has populated the header data for the PDFs in the batch, you can review the results, correct any errors, and then send the invoices to your ERP system.

Note: If you start this procedure, and need to exit before finishing, you can save your progress and return to this page at any time. To do so, select Save and Resume Later. The saved batch will be visible on the Invoices page, where you can select Continue to re-open and complete it at another time.

On the Process page, you can review each of the invoices in the batch by selecting them from the row of thumbnails at the top of the page. Check the values in the Invoice Details section of the page with the invoice shown in the PDF viewer on the right-hand side. Make corrections as needed before sending to your ERP system.

Note: Only vendors with a “Last invoice date” within the last 12 months are recognized and automatically populated by Automatic Invoicing. If the Vendor field is not auto-filled, select the correct vendor from the list. When the vendor is used in subsequent invoices, Automatic Invoicing will recognize the vendor and automatically populate that field.
  1. From the thumbnails at the top of the page, select an invoice to view the details.
    The following describes the icons in bottom-left corner of the thumbnail images:
    • - Indicates the selected invoice.
    • - Indicates a duplicate invoice in this batch.

      For a duplicate invoice, check the invoice details to verify that the invoice is, in fact, a duplicate. If so, you can remove it by selecting the trash icon in the lower left-hand corner. If it is not a duplicate, correct the details as described in the following step.

  2. In the Invoice Details section of the page, review the information in the displayed fields. To correct a value, you can type directly in the field or click the select tool , and then select the value from the PDF viewer. The field will be updated with the selected value.
    Fields that are missing a value are indicated in red.
  3. Once you have reviewed an invoice, made any corrections, and entered values in the necessary fields, you can send the invoice to Vista. Select Send to Vista.
The invoice is sent to Vista, and added to the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry Form.

When an invoice is successfully sent to Vista, a green checkmark appears on the thumbnail image.

You can also see a record of the uploads to Vista by selecting the Completed tab.