About Entering PO/SL Lines

When entering PO or SL lines for unapproved AP invoices, the system provides additional information about the specified purchase order/item or subcontract/item.

If you are entering PO or SL detail lines for an AP invoice, the system enables the Other Info tab, which displays additional information about the purchase order/item or subcontract/item that you referenced.
  • For purchase orders, the additional information includes the current, received, backordered, invoiced, and remaining units and costs.

  • For subcontracts, additional information includes the original, current, invoiced, and remaining units and costs.

Additionally, when you enter a PO line, notes associated with the purchase order display on the PO Notes tab. PO line item notes display in the Item Notes field and PO header notes display in the PO Notes field. Double-click either field to open a view-only version of the Grid Notes window.