Remove Approved Invoices from a Batch

You can remove approved invoices from a posting batch that were brought into the batch in error, so that they are available to be posted later.

You can remove one or more invoices manually by selecting them in the grid; or you can clear them all in one action.
Note: You can cancel out of a batch without removing invoices if you are not ready to post the invoices. The system will ask if you want to clear the invoices from the batch.
  • If you select Yes, the invoices are removed and the batch canceled.

  • If you select No, the invoices will remain intact so that you can open the batch later and finish processing.

  1. Open the AP Unapproved Invoice Posting form to easily find the batch containing the invoice(s) to remove.
  2. To manually remove one or more invoices, do the following:
    1. Select the invoice(s) to remove by highlighting them in the grid.
    2. Click Delete.
      A message displays indicating the selected invoice(s) were deleted from the AP Header Batch File.
  3. To delete all invoices at once, do the following:
    1. Select File > Process Batch.
      The AP Batch Process form displays.
    2. Select File > Clear Batch.
      A message displays asking if you are sure you want to clear the batch.
    3. Select Yes to clear the batch
      The system clears the batch and closes both the AP Batch Process and AP Unapproved Invoice Posting forms.
Regardless of how you remove invoices from the batch, they become available for later processing.