AP Hold and Release Form

Use the AP Hold and Release form to place multiple payable transactions on hold or to release them for payment.

Although hold/releases can be performed using other AP programs (AP Transaction Entry, AP Payment Workfile, etc.), this program allows you to Hold/Release multiple transactions at once. For example, you may want to place multiple transactions on hold for a vendor due to compliance issues.
Note: You cannot use this form to release retainage for payable transactions. When you are ready to release retainage for payable transactions, you must use the AP Release Retainage form.

Retainage holds are applied to payable transactions in the AP Transaction Entry, AP Recurring Invoices, or AP Unapproved Transaction Entry forms using the hold code specified for retainage in the AP Company Parameters form (Pay Types/Discounts/ICR tab). For more information, see Release Retainage for an AP Invoice.

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