AP Viewpoint ePayments Export Form

The AP Viewpoint ePayments Export form is intended for use by U.S. companies using Viewpoint ePayments to remit their vendor payments.

Viewpoint ePayments is a method to quickly and easily pay multiple vendors with a single payment file, which can greatly simplify your company’s entire payables process.

Use this form to:
  • generate the data file in Vista
  • save the data file
  • upload the data file (internet access required)
Before generating and uploading the ePayments file, you must do the following:
  • Enroll with Nvoicepay, who receives each of your file uploads. To get started, send an email to viewpoint@nvoicepay.com indicating your interest. Upon enrollment, they will supply you with critical information.
  • In the AP Company Parameters form (Payment Services tab), enter the credentials you received from Nvoicepay during enrollment (these are not your Nvoicepay customer portal credentials):
    • Company ID

    • Client ID

    • Client Secret

    To enable uploading invoice attachments to Nvoicepay, also select the Upload Invoice Attachments to Viewpoint ePayments check box.

  • In the VA Site Settings form, Viewpoint ePayments Settings section, enter the following URLs (supplied by Nvoicepay):
    • In the Customer API URL field, enter the URL for the Viewpoint ePayments invoice file attachment API
    • In the Identity URL field, enter the URL the for Viewpoint ePayments Identity API
Note: You're not required to change any originally assigned payment methods for any invoices before you proceed because at the moment you generate the ePayments file, you are given the option to change the pay method originally assigned. For details, see this form's field help for the Payment Methods field.

Click the following link for more information.

Generate and Upload a Viewpoint ePayments Data File