AP Void Payments Form

Use the AP Void Payments form to void payments that have been fully processed but where the month is still open.

How you proceed with voiding an AP payment depends on how far along the payment is in processing and whether the month in question is open or closed.

Using the AP Void Payments form, you can void payments made using any of the following payment types as long as you have not cleared the related transactions in CM and all paid transactions exist in AP (that is, they have not been purged):

  • Viewpoint ePayments (U.S. only)
  • check (manual, computer-generated, or prepaid)
  • electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • credit service payment

When selecting payments to void, the filter options allow you restrict invoices/transactions eligible to void based on payment method, CM account, CM reference number, and/or batch number. You can also leave all the filter options blank to include all eligible invoices. However, you might typically only use that method if you only have a few payments that were posted in the selected batch month.

Once you click the Fill Grid button, the system populates the Eligible To Void grid with invoices/transactions meeting the filter criteria. You can then select the payments to void, specify whether to void the check numbers so they cannot be reused or just clear them so they can be reused, update them to payment batch, and then process the batch.

For more information about voiding payments in this form, see Void Payments in an Open Month.