Credit Card Payments

You can pay vendors by credit card using the Comdata or EFS credit services.

If you have vendors that you pay by credit card, you can set up the appropriate credit card service in Vista. Currently, Vista™ by Viewpoint integrates with Comdata and EFS.

When you enter an invoice with a payment method of credit service, the system debits the expense account and credits the open payables account. Then, when you pay the invoice, the system debits the open payables account and credits the specific CM account you created for tracking credit service payments.

Note: Currently, Vista™ by Viewpoint does not integrate with a credit card service provider who operates in Australia.

Credit card payments differ from checks and electronic funds transfers (EFTs) in that you will be processing two invoices: you will first enter the invoice from the vendor and pay it using a credit service. Then you will process a payment to the credit service provider to pay your bill using any payment method.

When you receive the bill from the credit service provider, you will enter the invoice into the system and make sure to specify the CM account for tracking credit service payments. The system will debit this account and credit the open payables account. When you pay this invoice, the system will then debit the open payables account and credit the cash account.

Prior to using a credit card service provider to pay invoices, you must set up credit service payments. Click on the links below for more information.

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