Set up Credit Card Payments

In order to pay vendors by credit card, you must set up credit service payments.

The steps below provide an overview of the process for setting up credit service payments. For more detailed information, click on the associated hyperlinks.
  1. In the CM Accounts form, create an account for tracking credit service transactions. See About the CM Accounts Form.
  2. Set up credit service information in the AP Company Parameters form. Here you will select your credit service provider (Comdata or EFS), enter information specific to the provider, and specify the CM Co # and CM account for credit service transactions.
  3. For each vendor who has agreed to receive credit service payments, set the default payment method to credit service in the AP Vendors form. During invoice entry, the system will default credit service as the payment method but you will be able to override this as necessary.
  4. Pay the invoice using the credit service payment method. For more information, see Generate Credit Service Files.