Set up Credit Services with EFS

To use credit card services, you must set up the provider you are using. This page covers setting up credit card service provider information for EFS.

  1. In the AP Company Parameters form, on the Credit Services tab, select 2-EFS from the Credit Service drop-down.

    The system enables the fields in the EFS section.

  2. In the CM Acct field, enter the CM account or press F4 to select from a list. This account provides a contra account to credit when you initialize credit card payments through the specified credit services vendor.
    Note: You must specify an account that exclusively tracks credit card service payments. This account must be different from the CM Account # field on the Subledgers tab.
  3. Enter your EFS company and account number in the Company # and Account # fields, respectively.
  4. Save the record.
You are now set up to pay vendor invoices by credit card using EFS.
For each vendor that you will pay by credit card, you must set the default payment method to Credit Service in the AP Vendors form.