Generate and Upload a Viewpoint ePayments Data File

Generate the Viewpoint ePayments data file and upload it to Nvoicepay.

Before generating and uploading the ePayments file, you must do the following:
  • Enroll with Nvoicepay, who receives each of your file uploads.

  • Set up the credentials provided by Nvoicepay in the AP Company Parameters form (Payment Services tab).

  • Set up URLs provided by Nvoicepay in the the VA Site Settings form.

Note: If you are not set up correctly for Viewpoint ePayments, when you try to upload/export payments, the system displays a message that it cannot upload because the Viewpoint ePayments setup may not be correct, and indicating that you may need to contact Nvoicepay Support for assistance.

For more information, see AP Viewpoint ePayments Export Form.

This task only covers the steps to generate the Viewpoint ePayments data file and upload it to Nvoicepay. These steps are only a part of the larger payment process, which is described in Post and Process Payments.

Watch how to set up and use Viewpoint ePayments.

Note: You must use a browser on your local computer to view this video, and not a browser in the cloud. If you are currently using a cloud-based browser, copy this page's URL and paste it into a web browser on your local computer.

  1. In the AP Payment Posting form, select Tasks > Generate Viewpoint ePayments Export.
  2. Enter the information as needed in the CM Account, CM Reference #, Date, Time, and Effective Date fields.
    If you want separate CM reference numbers assigned to each payment in the file, select the Use multiple CM Reference #s check box. This toggles the CM Reference # field to Starting CM Reference # so that you can enter a starting reference number. For more information, see the F1 help for these fields.
  3. (Optional) In each of the Description and Download Filename fields, press F1 for information about changing the default entries.
  4. Click Initialize to generate the data file.
    Important: The system provides the option to preview a report of the information contained in the file. If you click No, you will not have another chance to view the report unless you either add more transactions or cancel and start over with the data file creation process.
  5. (Optional) In the CM Account field, enter a different account and click Initialize again. Repeat as needed for each CM account you want invoices to be included for in this Viewpoint ePayments data file.
    Important: If at any point your entry in the CM Account field happens to be a credit service CM account, the system enables the Credit Service CM Account Overwrite field as an option to pay from a different CM account than what was originally intended. If you take this option, your accounts may require a journal entry to account for the difference. In most cases, you should not take this option and simply re-enter the same CM account as is in the CM Account field.
  6. Click Upload.
    The system automatically uploads your file to Nvoicepay and displays a confirmation message.
  7. Click Close.
    If you are using the Secure File Path option (in AP Company Parameters), the system automatically saves your file to the specified secure location.

    If you are not using the Secure File Path option in AP Company Parameters, the "Save Export File As" window displays.

  8. From the "Save Export File As" window, select the location where you want the XML file saved and click OK.
    Note: If desired, you can change the default file name.
    A message displays indicating the file was saved successfully and prompting you to process the payment batch.
  9. Proceed with posting the batch.
    Important: You must proceed with the posting process. You have created and sent the electronic data file, and Nvoicepay pays your vendors without a delay. You must move these transactions from 'payables' to 'paid', and to do this, you must post the payment batch. If needed, see AP Payment Posting.
    At any time after one or more vendor payments from this ePayments file have been completed, Nvoicepay will begin making payment information available to you. See the Viewpoint ePayments Help from the AP Payment History form for details.