Process EFT Prenotes

If you will be paying vendors via EFT, you may need to go through a prenote process.

Vendors who agree to receive EFT payments may have to go through a prenote process for your bank in order to validate their bank account information. The following instructions give an overview of the EFT prenote process.
  1. In the AP Vendors form, select the Payment Method tab, set the vendor's EFT Info field to Pre-Note, and save the record.
  2. Generate an EFT prenote file using the AP EFT Prenote Download form.
  3. Send the file to the bank for validation.
  4. Once the bank validates the information, set up the vendor for EFT processing in AP Vendors. For more information, see Setting the Vendor's Payment Method: US and Canada or Setting the Vendor's Payment Method: Australia.
Once the bank confirms the process is successful, you can process EFTs for the vendor.