Assign Hold Codes to Specific Invoices

You can assign non-retainage hold codes to specific transactions using the Hold/Release tab on the AP Payment Control Detail form.

You can choose to assign non-retainage hold codes to an entire transaction or to specific transaction lines/sequences.
Note: The retainage hold code is assigned automatically to transactions specifying a retainage amount; you cannot assign retainage hold codes to transactions using AP Payment Control Detail.

The following instructions detail how to assign non-retainage hold codes to specific invoices.

  1. In the AP Payment Workfile form, select the transaction from the grid for assigning a hold code.
  2. Select File > Tasks > Additional Pay Control Functions.
    The AP Payment Control Detail form displays.
  3. Select the Hold/Release tab.
  4. Select the correct radio button option from the Hold Codes section of the form: Entire Transaction or Select Line Sequence.
  5. If you selected the Select Line Sequence option, enter a line number and sequence number in the Line# and Seq# fields, respectively.
  6. Enter the hold code you are assigning in the Hold Code field.
    Note: You can select the correct hold code from the Unassigned Hold Code box and the system will automatically default the code in the Hold Code field.
  7. Click Update.
The system assigns the hold codes from the transaction or the specific transaction lines/sequences.