About Invoice Payment Batches

There are multiple ways to add invoices to a payment batch:
  • Using the initialization feature in the AP Initialize Payments form.
  • Using the Initialize New Payment feature in the AP Payment Posting form.
  • Manually using the AP Payment Posting form.
  • From a payment workfile in the AP Payment Workfile form.

Payments in a batch may contain references to multiple bank accounts; specifically, invoices in the batch may all be assigned for payment from different CM accounts. (CM accounts are assigned to invoices by the user when entering invoices using either the AP Transaction Entry or AP Recurring Invoices form.) Although a payment batch can contain multiple transactions with different bank accounts, payments can only be processed (using either the AP Check Print or AP EFT Download form) for one CM account at a time.


You can prevent non-compliant subcontract, purchase order, and/or vendor invoices/transactions from being added to payment batches by selecting the appropriate options in the AP Company Parameters form. For subcontracts and purchase orders, select the Don't add to Payments batch if "out of compliance" check box in the Audit Options tab. For vendors, select the Don't add vendor to payment batch if "out of compliance" check box in the Invoice Options tab.

If you normally check compliance, but allow payments to be processed, do not select the above options. Use the AP Payment Preview with Compliance report to identify any invoices that are out of compliance, along with the related compliance codes. This allows you to determine if you want to remove the transaction from the payment batch or print a check (perhaps holding the check until compliance is met).