Add or Remove a Supplier From an Invoice

You can assign or remove a supplier from all lines on an invoice.

You can specify suppliers when the invoice is entered in AP Transaction Entry or AP Recurring Invoices. When you add or remove a supplier in AP Payment Control Detail, it is done by pay type, and applies to all unpaid detail of an invoice.
Note: Adding a supplier does not remove the existing supplier. If you want to replace the existing supplier, you must remove it, then add the new supplier.

To add or remove a supplier from an invoice.

  1. From the main menu, select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP Payment Workfile.
  2. In the AP Payment Workfile form, select the transaction from the grid for which to add or remove the supplier.
  3. Select File > Additional Pay Control Functions.
    The AP Payment Control Detail form displays.
  4. Select the Supplier tab.
  5. Select one of the options in the Supplier section of the form.
    • Add Supplier - Select this option to add the specified supplier to all unpaid invoice lines, based on the pay type.
    • Remove Supplier - Select this option to remove the specified supplier from all unpaid invoice lines for the pay type.
  6. In the Supplier field, enter the supplier you want to add or remove. Press F4 for a list of suppliers.
  7. In the Select Pay Types grid, select a pay type.
  8. Click Update.
The system adds/removes the supplier from all invoice lines that have the specified pay type assigned.