Enter a Historical Payment

You can enter payment history for payments that occurred prior to implementing Vista.

For record keeping, you may want to enter historical payments that occurred prior to implementing Vista™. You can use this form to enter payment information, but not transaction details.
Warning: You can delete all payment entries for closed months. Make sure that you delete only historical payments that occurred prior to system implementation. If you delete a payment entry with transaction detail, the information will still exist in CM and you will be unable to void the payment.
  1. From the main menu, select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP Payment History.
  2. In the AP Payment History form header fields, enter the payment information (CM Account, CM Reference, CM Ref Seq #, EFT Seq #, and Payment Method).
  3. Enter the vendor information, including address if necessary.
  4. In the Paid Date, Paid Month, and Payment Total fields, enter the payment details.
  5. If you made this payment with a two-party check, use the 2nd Party - Vendor/Supplier field to enter the vendor/supplier number of the second party.
  6. If the payment was voided, select the Payment has been voided check box, and then enter applicable notes in the Void Memo field.
  7. In the Check Type section, select the check type: Computer, Manual, or Prepaid.
  8. Save the record.
You can also edit or delete records in this form.
  • If you need to edit a payment, change the field values as necessary and save the record.

  • If you need to delete a payment, select the payment record and click Delete.