Run the AP Payment Preview with Compliance Report

It's best practice to run this report before printing checks for the records in your current batch.

This report helps you ensure that the correct invoices have been included in the batch, check for non-compliant subcontracts, purchase orders, and/or vendors, and shows vendors with credit balances.

You can also run this report when you need to reprint checks, as it identifies the sequence number of the checks that need reprinting. The report is sorted alphabetically by vendor sort name, so when identifying the beginning and ending sequence number for reprint, make sure to specify the sequence numbers of the first and last checks alphabetically.

To run the AP Payment Preview with Compliance report:

  1. Open the AP Payment Posting form.
  2. Select Tasks > Payment Preview Report.
    The AP Payment Preview form displays.
  3. In the Beginning Vendor and Ending Vendor fields, enter a range of vendors to include in report or press F4 to select from a list. If you want all vendors who are in the batch to display, leave these fields blank.
  4. In the Payment Method section, select the payment methods to include in the report.
    • Check
    • EFT
    • Credit Service
    • Viewpoint ePayments
  5. If you want to see vendors with a credit balance, select the Check Vendor Balances check box.
  6. Click Preview to view report on screen or Print to print the report.
The system generates the report and either displays it on the screen or prints it, depending on whether you selected to preview or print report.

You can use the report as a guideline to edit invoices (in the AP Payment Posting form), print checks, or download EFTs.