About Sharing the Vendor Master

If you have multiple AP companies that use the same vendors, you can set up your AP companies to share a single vendor master file.

If you want multiple AP companies to share the same vendor master, assign each AP company the same vendor group in the HQ Company Setup form (AP Vendors and PM Firm Codes field, Add'l Info tab). When any of the sharing AP companies is the active company, any changes made to the AP Vendors form while in that company automatically update the information for all of the sharing companies.

If you assign a default CM Account to a vendor and you're sharing the vendor master across multiple companies, you must make sure that the CM account that you specify exists in all companies. If it does not, you may encounter errors when you process transactions in any of the applicable forms (AP Transaction Entry, AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, AP Recurring Invoices, MS Material Payment Worksheet, and MS Haul Payment Worksheet). See the field help for the AP Vendors form's CM Account field for more information.

Note: When sharing the vendor master, vendor compliance remains company-specific. For more information, see Vendor Compliance Tracking.

If you want each AP company to have its own vendor master, you must assign a unique vendor group to each company.