Set the Vendor's Payment Method: U.S. and Canada

When setting up a vendor, you can select the payment method the system should use by default when you pay the vendor.

If you want to set up a vendor for credit card payments, you must be set up for credit card payments at a company level. For more details, see Credit Card Payments.

The system uses the method you set in the AP Vendors form as a default for the Pay Method field in invoice entry forms (AP Transaction Entry, AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, and AP Recurring Invoices).

  1. In the AP Vendors form, select the Payment Method tab.
  2. From the Pay Method drop-down, select one of the following:
    • C-Check
    • E-EFT
    • S-Credit Service
  3. If you selected the C-Check payment method, save the record.
  4. If you selected the E-EFT payment method, do the following:
    1. In the EFT Info field, select the Active radio option.
      Note: If you are doing business with a vendor operating in the United States, the vendor may have to go through a prenote process for your bank to validate their bank account information. In this case, you would select the Prenote option. See Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) for more information.
    2. In the Routing Transit # field, enter the EFT routing transit number supplied by the vendor's bank.
    3. In the Bank Account # field, enter the vendor's account number.
    4. In the Account Type field, select the vendor's account type: Checking or Savings.
    5. If applicable, from the Addenda Type drop-down, select an addenda for this vendor: 1-Tax Payment, 2-Child Support, or 3-Stub Detail. For more information about these options, see Addenda Type.
    6. Save the record.
  5. If you selected the S-Credit Service payment method, do the following:
    1. If you are using Comdata as your credit service provider, in the Payment Service Email field, enter the email address that this vendor wants to use for receiving remittance notices from Comdata.
    2. Save the record.