Set Vendors Subject to T5018 Reporting (Canada)

When set vendors as subject to T5018 reporting, the system automatically sets each subsequent vendor invoice to be included in T5018 totals.

Use the AP Vendors form to set vendors as subject to T5018 reporting. You can override this setting at the invoice level as necessary.

To set a vendor subject to T5018 reporting:

  1. Open the AP Vendors form and select the Add'l Info tab.
  2. Check the Subject to T5018 reporting box.
    The system enables the Mailing Address Seq field.
  3. (Optional) If you need to send your T5018 reports to an address other than the address specified for the vendor, enter the address sequence in the Mailing Address Seq field or press F4 for a list of address sequences from the Add'l Addresses tab.
  4. Select the correct option from the Business Type Code section: Individual, Corporation, or Partnership.
  5. If you selected Individual from the Business Type section, enter information into the First , Middle Initial, Last, and SIN fields.
  6. In the Business # field, enter the vendor's Goods and Service Tax Account number (as assigned by the CRA).
  7. If you selected Partnership from the Business Type section, enter the partnership filer identification number for the vendor in the Partnership FIN field.
  8. Save the record.