Set Vendors Subject to Taxable Payments Reporting (Australia)

Use the AP Vendors form to set vendors as subject to Taxable Payments reporting.

Payments to subcontractors for building and construction services must be reported to the ATO.

You can set a vendor as subject to this reporting to cause the system to track all amounts paid, allowing you to report the subcontractor information, along with the gross and GST amounts paid, to the ATO.

Setting the vendor as subject affects only future invoices. If you need to alter invoices already paid, see Set Paid Invoices as Subject to Taxable Payments.

  1. Navigate to the vendor record.
  2. Select the Add'l Info tab.
  3. Select the Subject to taxable payments reporting check box.

    During invoice entry, the system automatically selects the Include in payment reporting check box in whatever form you're using at the time. This could be in the AP Transaction Entry form (Payment Overrides tab), the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form (Payment Overrides tab), or the AP Recurring Invoices form.