AP Update PO/SL Compliance Form

Use the AP Update PO/SL Compliance form to update compliance for purchase orders and/or subcontracts when adding or deleting compliance codes for a vendor.

This form only displays when you add or delete a compliance code for a vendor (in the AP Vendor Compliance form) that has open subcontracts (SL) or purchase orders (PO).

The form displays the compliance code being added or deleted, along with the following two check boxes:

  • Update compliance to Purchase Orders?

  • Update compliance to Subcontracts?

Select the appropriate check box(es) and press OK. If you are adding a compliance code, it is added to those purchase orders and/or subcontracts for which the compliance code does not already exist. If deleting a compliance code, it is deleted from all purchase orders and/or subcontracts to which it is assigned.

Note: You have the option to override the standard defaults for each of the options provided on this prompt. The most typical use would be to set the default for each option to Yes (check box selected). Once the update prompt displays, access the desired option and press F3 to display the Properties window. Define defaults as desired and then click OK to set the defaults and implement the specified update(s).