About the 1099 Report

You can use the AP 1099 Report for a detailed or summarized report of 1099 information.

Access the AP 1099 Report from the Accounts Payable Reports menu or from the AP 1099 Processing form by selecting Options > AP 1099 Report.

The summarized report shows only year-to-date totals for each box on the 1099 (shown on the AP 1099 Processing form). When printing a detailed report, additional information displays, including paid transactions for which the Include in 1099 Totals check box is selected in AP Transaction Entry (Payment Overrides tab).

Both the summary and detailed versions of the 1099 Report include a 1099 Form Counts section (at the end of the report) displaying how many forms are needed for each form type (DIV, MISC, NEC, and INT). Additionally, a brief note is included to indicate how many forms print per page of each form type.

Note: If you select to print this report for 1099 Vendors only, form totals only include vendors with the Subject to 1099 Reporting check box selected in AP Vendors.

The AP 1099 Report typically shows only those vendors with 1099 amounts equal to or greater than the specified 'Minimum Payment Amount'. However, if you have selected the Include in 1099 Processing (ignore minimum) check box for a vendor in AP Vendors (Add’l Info tab), the vendor is included on this report, even if their 1099 totals are less than the minimum payment amount. If you want to see vendors with totals less than the minimum amount (regardless of flag), use the "AP 1099 Vendors Less than Minimum" report (see About the 1099 Vendors Less Than Minimum Report).

Note: The 'Minimum Payment Amount' restriction does not apply to dividend amounts. Dividends do not have a minimum payment amount and are always included on this report.