AP 1099 Aatrix Print and eFile Form

Use this form to process 1099 returns using Aatrix.

Access this form by selecting Tasks > Download in the AP 1099 Processing form, which opens the AP 1099 Download form. Then click the Launch Aatrix button.

Once you enter the tax year and select the 1099 form to process, clicking Continue launches the Aatrix wizard. You must then follow the prompts to complete the process.

When you have submitted your 1099 forms to the taxing authority (via Aatrix), any corrections must be made directly in Aatrix. However, Aatrix does not send data back to Vista; therefore, if you want your Vista data to sync to the corrections made in Aatrix, you must do so manually in AP 1099 Processing.

Note: Before you can use the Aatrix application, you must have already installed it on your system. For details, see Enabling Aatrix on a workstation.

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