Generate T5018 Reports Using Aatrix

Once you have reviewed the invoices that you are using to report for T5018s, you can generate and submit your T5018 reports to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) via Aatrix using the AP T5018 Aatrix Print & eFile form.

You must have Aatrix installed on your local workstation. For more information, see Enable Aatrix on a Workstation and About Regulatory Reporting Using Aatrix.
The following details how to create and submit T5018 reports using Aatrix.
  1. Open the AP T5018 Payments form.
  2. In the Report Period End Date field, enter the correct reporting period end date.
  3. Select Tasks > Launch Aatrix.
    The system displays the AP T5018 Aatrix Print & eFile form.
  4. The Tax Year field automatically defaults the tax year based on the date specified in the Reporting Period End Date field. You may override the default if needed.
  5. From the Report list box, select T5018 Official Form.
  6. Click Continue to launch the Aatrix wizard.
  7. Follow the prompts in the Aatrix wizard to complete the process.
    Note: As you run through the wizard, you must resolve all errors before you can print/file the T5018s.
If you need to make corrections to T5018s after you have already submitted them to the CRA, you must do so directly in Aatrix. For more information, see Make Corrections to Regulatory Filings via Aatrix.