Set the Reporting Period for T5018 Reporting

Before you can prepare your T5018 reports, you must first set up the reporting period, as well as some general company information in the AP T5018 Payments form.

The reporting period can be either a calendar year (January - December) or based upon a fiscal year. Once you have chosen a reporting period, you must use the same reporting period for all subsequent years unless you receive authorization from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to change it.

To set up a reporting period:

  1. Open the AP T5018 Payments form.
  2. In the Reporting Period End Date field, enter the applicable reporting period date.
    This date must be exactly one year after the last date you reported or the system will display a warning. When you generate T5018s, it will include all payments 12 months prior and including the date that you specify here.
  3. In the Contact Name, Area Code, Phone, Extension, and Email fields, enter the information for the contact person at your company.
    The CRA will contact this person regarding any problems with your filing.
  4. In the Submission Reference ID field, enter the reference number (8 characters) for the XML file that you will submit electronically to the CRA.
  5. In the Transmitter # field, enter the transmitter number (format is MM plus 6 numbers) for the electronic file.
    The field initially defaults to MM555555 which is a generic number you can use if you are only filing one return and do not have an existing number.
  6. Save the record.
You can now prepare your T5018 reports.
Note: Beginning December 2021, you must use Aatrix to create and submit T5018s. For more information, see Generate T5018 Reports Using Aatrix.