Amend Taxable Payments Reports

You can generate amended taxable payment reports for submission to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Once you have submitted your taxable payment report to the ATO, you might find that you need to send amended reports for certain creditors.

To create an amended file, you will need to update the creditor payment information on the Creditor Payments tab on the AP Taxable Payments form.

To create an amended file for taxable payments reporting:

  1. You can either manually update the information on this tab (Updating Creditor Amounts) or you can automatically update the data on the tab by selecting Tasks > Generate Creditor Payment Totals from the toolbar. If you automatically update the information, the system displays a warning with options:
    • Click Yes to generate all payments for the tax year.
    • Click No to generate payments that do not already exist for the tax year.
  2. Once you have updated the data on the Creditor Payments tab, enter an amended date for each updated record in the Amended Date field.
  3. Generate an amended taxable payments file. For more information, see Generating Taxable Payments Annual Reports.
  4. Submit the amended file to the ATO.
    Tip: Once you have submitted the amended file, you can clear all of the Amended Date fields for each record on the Creditor Payments tab by selecting Tasks > Clear Amended Date from the toolbar on the AP Taxable Payments form. You can only clear the amended date for tax years that are not closed (you have not selected the Tax Year 'Closed' check box in the AP Taxable Payments form).