Detail Display Options for the AR Cash Receipts Form

There are several display options for AR Cash Receipts. These options determine the details that display on the form and the detail sort order.

To activate a display option, select it from the Options menu as shown in the figure below.
The Options menu is broken into four submenus:
  • Use the "Show" submenu to determine which invoices will display. You can choose to show open invoices, open invoices and unpaid retainage, or all invoices.

  • Use the "Sort By" submenu to determine the order in which the invoices display (e.g. by invoice, customer reference, transaction, transaction date, etc.). In the example above, the invoices are sorted by Invoice, with the lowest invoice number being first.

  • Use the "Include" submenu to specify which additional columns to include in the grid. You can include the Contract, Customer Reference number, Customer PO number, AR Transaction number, Amount Due less Finance Charge, Receivable Type, Tax Applied, Finance Charge Applied, and/or Tax Discount.